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January 7, 2018

May 1, 2012

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June 20, 2017

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Shipping Container


Yep, we got one! Or at least Burning Man LLC billed me for it. Here are the "Quick Facts" strait from the horses mouth.

Quick Facts:

You will need to ship your items to the event this year to load up your container for the first time. You will not need to ship your items back home! After that, we will annually deliver your container of items to your camp location in time to build BRC.

The container purchase costs $2500 + tax -- you then own the container itself. This one-time cost also includes the required preparation and painting. (Washoe requires all containers stored in the general rural areas be painted a specific color.) The container will be fully painted and prepped for you to begin using.

The annual service/storage fee is $500, payable each summer prior to the event. The yearly round trip delivery fee is $300, payable each summer prior to the event. If you decide to skip a year and don't need your container, you will not need to pay for delivery service that year. * Prices are subject change year to year

Container dimensions: 8'H x 8'W x 20'L. Containers are "C" grade or better, weatherproof/waterproof, and lockable with your own lock.

There are a limited number of containers available. Filling out the application does not guarantee a purchase agreement, rental agreement or delivery option.

You have access to the container only on the playa, at Burning Man. There is no public storage facility access outside the event. (We are considering how we can offer public access available in the future, but currently, Washoe County permitting does not allow public access on the land where the containers will be stored.) If for any reason you want to transport your container to a location of your choosing, you would need to contract and secure the transportation and handling via a third party. You must pre-arrange your container removal so that it occurs during the time that containers are being transported to and from the event. Renting a Forklift from Reno, moving rows of containers and the time required for this is problematic and very expensive in the off season.

Review the contract for a complete list of materials that cannot be stored (for example, no hazardous materials).

This is going to be huge for Whiskey and Dust (INC.)! No more truck rentals and loading the stuff twice, No more storage unit ether! It sort of guarantees us placement at the burn for the next 20 some odd years. And you all thought I was not thinking about the future.

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