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January 7, 2018

May 1, 2012

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The 10 Principles, Plug n Play, and “Fuck Your Burn”

June 20, 2017

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Leave No Trace


Burning Man is a "Leave No Trace Event", so we have implemented a "Leave No Trace Plan".

Whiskey and Dust's primary goal for participation is providing Yoga and other healing services. Between 40 and 45 campmates will make this happen, for 100+ “yogie” guests.


Whiskey and Dust has for over the many (and beyond as the Mile High Club) years been in the “Green” on past events MOOP maps. Our systems works and there is NO EXCUSE for it not working in the future.

Whiskey and Dust team members will read the Event Survival Guide on the Burning Man Website and follow suggestions to minimize trash and MOOP. Each team member is responsible for keeping common areas clean, immediately remove MOOP, and spending two hour minimum cleaning up after other fellow burner's MOOP.

“Precycling” is going to be the new word for Whiskey and Dust in 2012. New ways of packing, consuming, reusing, and removing. We all can do better, and should. Because “Leaving No Trace” means the ENTIRE world, not just the playa. 

Burnable trash will be collected in a paper box in the kitchen and will be burned. Aluminum, as well as all other recyclables, will be collected in a bag in the trailer and will be taken to the Denver Colorado Recycling Program. BRC Aluminum only recycling program is inadequate for our needs and the needs as a whole. Steel, paper, cardboard, some plastics, and glass can be recycled and SHOULD be. Each team member is responsible to collect and package their own non-burnable and non-recyclable trash, Most of this trash will be disposed of at the R.V. Park (Desert Rose) in Fernily Nevada (for a minimal fee).

Trash bags will always be carried inside a car, truck, or trailer. Bags will never be tied to the outside of any vehicle, as it seems to fly-out and trash the road from BRC to I-80.

Shower and other gray water will be dispersed through two evaporation ponds. Camp members are expected to limit showers to the absolute necessary and retain empty jugs to carry home any gray water that does not evaporate. We have successfully tested, and use with great success, the new "Gray B Gone" wind powered evaporation machine. We figured around 20 gallons a day gets evaporated if there is enough wind. Stop by to learn more.

We will have volunteers for MOOP Patrol and will walk the camp once a day to make sure the "Leave No Trace Plan" is effective. After packing up camp to leave the Playa, we will walk the entire area to eliminate all MOOP that may remain. As always, Weasel, the camp leader, will take full responsibility as well as accountability for any short comings with the LNT plan.


Whiskey and Dust believes, in regard to “radical self-reliance”and “radical responsibility”, comes “radical accountability”. If a theme camp is incapable of cleaning up after its own self, then said theme camp should not be allowed to be a theme camp. A five page document titled “sample LNT plan” does not clean up trash, but people do. Any good organization should be able to reward success and condemn failure.

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