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Black Rocky City, NV

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Movement, alignment and intention.  Accessible to all levels of practice.  Bring a mat, water and cloths you can move in. Come for the yoga, stay for the whiskey.


Monday through Friday at 10:30 am to 11:30 am 

Whiskey Tasting

AKA The Colorado Party! Bring yer favorite bottle of fire water and a cup. Gift and share the best whiskey your new playa friends have to offer. Single malt, Bourbon, Rye, and Moon Shine are quite acceptable. You worked hard to build the city, it is now time to have a good stiff drink.


Monday from 7pm to closing

Coffee & Whiskey 

Do you like coffee? What about Whiskey? Enjoy the best of both worlds as we take you on a journey to enjoy Whiskey Barrel aged Rwanda Coffee.  Let’s make your taste buds dance. 


Monday & Wednesday at 11:30 AM by Darcieanne

Low Flow & Floorwork Pole Dancing

Style of pole dancing involves movements from ground. No pole climbing/poses above neck. High heels recommended. Explore methods of moving across floor. Dance like a stripper!


Monday & Friday 1:30 to 2:30 pm by Taz

Chair Dance

Type of dancing that utilizes an ordinary folding chair so you can take your act on the road . Part acrobatic, part choreography but always sexy. Guaranteed to make your audience squirm in theirs.


Monday & Wednesday 5 to 6 pm by Taz

Belly Dance Basic

Basics of belly dance movement. Applicable to any style of belly dance. Fundamentals of arm, chest, hip, stomach, & footwork covered. Basic of music breakdown. No veil, floor, pot, sword or specialty routines covered. No previous experience required.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday 3 to 4 pm by Tax


Has the desert been brutal on your hands? Come get your hands cleaned and pampered with vinegar water, lotions and polish. Foot washing station available. Bring clean socks, towel and/or your favorite nail polish. 


Tuesday & Thursday from 3pm to 4pm 

Black Rock City Society of Survivors

Should you be dead right now? What did you survive? Come by, have a shot and tell us about it.  The Grim Reaper will be on hand for you to punch in the face. No kidding.


Wednesday & Friday from 4 pm to 6 pm by Valkyrie

Leviwand Short String Beginner Class

A flow inspired prop that is based on the magic trick the “Dancing Cane”. Learn how to get started with this unique flow prop. Class will cover the basic off the body moves.  Class Size will be limited to # of wands on hand.


Tuesday from 3 pm to 4 pm by Kinky Pinky

Beer Romance for Newbs

Love beer and want to know how to talk about it? Learn how to discuss beer with friends.  Look like you know stuff.  Teaching nerdy beer sensory. Beer is love. 


Tuesday at noon pm by Dawn

Kilted Men Reading Poetry

Come one come all to the soft manly art of wooing, as demonstrated by a selection of Whiskey and Dust menfolk. Poetry and sonnets read in the round by Kilt wearing speakers of the words from lovers and artist’s centuries dead. Soft lighting and reclining. 


Tuesday from 7 pm to 8 pm by Jokes

Irish Sing Along

Come one, come all an hour or so of Irish Pub songs sung with better musicians than I.  Some songs about whiskey, some songs about ship and other Irish stuff sung with song sheets while drinking libations.  Poorly thought out and badly organized, at least there will be whiskey and singing.  If you can't sing well, sing loud. Feel free to bring some Irish Whiskey for the tasting. 


Tuesday from 7 pm to 9 pm by Jokes & Fox

Blackrock City 1st Annual Leg Wrestling Championship

Open invitational inter-gender leg wrestling championship.


Wednesday at noon

Half Ass Guided Meditation

 Need a quick few minutes to get your head back on straight after the playa winds whirl you around? Sit and take some time while guided through 10 to 20 minutes of mindful breathing and meditation by someone who claims to know what he’s doing! 

Meditation will cure what ails you! Club foot, pussyfoot, foot in mouth disease, malaise of all sorts: spiritual, physical, political, romantical, metaphysicological, plus assorted other grumbles. 100% Not Guaranteed!


Wednesday & Friday at noon

Sake Night Happy Hour

"Come indulge in some delicious Colorado-brewed sake. Mochi treats will also be served. Kanpai!


Wednesday at 7 pm by Marshmallow

Paperback Porn

Pick a passage from our steamy stack or bring your own for a read-aloud, around the campfire style. Bashful giggling is acceptable and encouraged. 


Wednesday 9 to 9 by Nicole

Acro Jam

Wanna play? Whether you base, fly, or spot, you're welcome to join the jam (no formal instruction). Bring a partner or come on your own, byo mat. 


Thursday 12:0 to 1:30 pm by Alexis


Dream of being a rock star? We have the ‘instruments’ and music, you bring the rock! We have a selection of songs your band can choose from, or plug in your device.



Thursday 2 to 4 by Chris

Goth Night

The dark evening begins with classic Goth played live by Grey Thorn (guitar) and Morticia Moon (vocals) while you drown your existential angst in cocktails so dark you’ll dye your hair black and change your name to Lilith. Classic Goth Anthems played all night after the live set, and maybe even Goth Dance lessons. Wear black, like your soul.


Thursday 6:30 to 9:30 pm 

Argentine Tango Beginner Lesson

"No partner or experience required. Guaranteed to make you look and feel more sexy in the default world. Advanced dancers welcome."

This lesson will give you an introduction to the basics of Argentine Tango improvisation. Come and bring friends! Advanced and Intermediate dancers are welcome to support.


Friday from 4pm to 6pm by Patric

Parrot Head Whiskey

Come by and we pour cheap beer and whiskey in your face while we all listen and sing Jimmy Buffet songs. Cause drunk Parrot Heads are awesome.


Friday from 6 to 8 pm by Bill

Robot Cinema

Watch Robot Sci Fi, if we can get the projector running, while drinking at the bar. Classic Sci Fi on a shitty screen while drinking whiskey, cause we do whiskey well.



Friday 8 pm by Bill

Last Night Whiskey Party

Bring yer favorite bottle of fire water and a cup. Gift and share the best whiskey your new playa friends have to offer. Single malt, Bourbon, Rye, and Moon Shine are quite acceptable. You worked hard to build the city, see it grow and now end. It’s now time to have a good stiff drink.


After Temple Burn