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Ahh the holidays are finally over. A new year is upon us and time in reflection is complete. A new year with all of the possibilities that that entails has been birthed from the collective consciousness of the matrix to give us further paths to follow. 

A detailing of t...

June 20, 2017

Reflections from an old, grizzly veteran burner.

“This is going to be an awesome Burn! Epic.” That is thought that crosses my mind when I lock the door to my house and head down the road for the journey that is Burning Man. Aw hell, even the years in between, when I had...

For the 2017 Burning Man, I discussed the idea of a distillery project to expand our mission of whiskey education. I was in a local liquor store and stepped back to see the incredible selection and variety of whiskey. The vast amount of offerings made me question how m...

May 13, 2014

Sometimes I find it really hard to get my head wrapped around how time keeps marching on. Most days I don't feel any different than I did in my younger days. Oh, there's the occasional morning that I wake up all achy and can hardly get out of bed because I have overdon...

Burning Man is a "Leave No Trace Event", so we have implemented a "Leave No Trace Plan".

Whiskey and Dust's primary goal for participation is providing Yoga and other healing services. Between 40 and 45 campmates will make this happen, for 100+ “yogie” guests.

Whiskey an...

Yep, we got one! Or at least Burning Man LLC billed me for it. Here are the "Quick Facts" strait from the horses mouth.

Quick Facts:

You will need to ship your items to the event this year to load up your container for the first time. You will not need to ship your i...

Looks like the beautiful Marie Vlasic will be joining us at Whiskey and Dust and doing her amazing BM Portrait Project. I know it is hard to believe, (how did we get to be this cool?) Check out her sight and what she is about to take on. It looks amazing. 


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June 20, 2017

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